Tom and Deborah Nite - Missionaries to the World

The Nites serve with International Biblical Training, Inc., training nationals in the former Soviet Union and other countries to reach their own countries for Christ.  They teach at Bible Colleges, Bible Institutes, seminaries and conferences, equipping pastors and Christ workers for a lifetime of ministry to their own people.  The Nites have helped train more than 750 pastors and Christian workers who have in turn planted more than 100 new churches in the former Soviet Union.  Some of them come from and work among eight different unreached people groups.

Visit their website at www.globalnites.ministryhome.org

Tom and Debra visited us in October of 2012. Tom spoke during our morning service and not only gave us an update on their ministry, but also encouraged us by speaking about making disciples.

Click to hear Tom's message on "Reaching the World For Jesus"
Click to hear Tom's message on "Making Disciples"
Click to hear Tom's message on "The Great Commission"

Rick and Mick Vigneulle - Missionaries to Teenagers

Rick & Mick Vigneulle (Vin-yell) are internationally known Christian comedy and contemporary music artists who have performed in all 50 states and in 15 countries.

These identical "twin towers", (combined height totaling 10ft. 8in.), have been featured on America's Funniest People, performed at the White House, conducted several chapels for professional baseball teams such as Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros and LA Dodgers. They have also been seen on 60 Minutes and in LIFE Magazines' 20th Century Highlight Book.

Rick and Mick have been favorites in hundreds of high school assemblies presenting their highly acclaimed program, "Attitude Check." As a result of this major evangelistic outreach, over 15,000 students and adults have made decisions for Christ in the last two years alone!

Rick & Mick perform a program interwoven with side-splitting comedy and inspirational contemporary music. They never close their events without making the Gospel presentation clear and available.

Visit their website at http://www.rickandmick.com/index.html

John and Naomi Musgrave - House of Grace (Russia)

John and Naomi live in southern Russia (on the north shore of the Black Sea).  They operate House of Grace, where pastors and leaders from the former Soviet Union can bring their families in the summer for rest and renewal.  In the winter, House of Grace offers several classes and is available as a retreat center for churches in the region to use.  Pastors’, pastor’s wives’ and leaders’ retreats all bring encouragement to churches.

Twice a year the Musgraves host a seminar in Moscow for key leaders. John also mentors three pastors in southern Russia.

Find out more on their facebook page.

Cornerstone was blessed to have the Musgraves visit on April 15th and give us an update on their ministry. John gave the message during our morning worship services and we enjoyed a potluck afterwards.

Click to hear John's message titled "Discovering Purpose in Your Life"

Tim and Vanessa Ekno - American Educational Development (Southeast Asia)

Tim and Vanessa Ekno began working in Thailand in 1988 offering English courses and doing humanitarian aid. After eight years in the remote hill tribe areas of north Thailand, they moved into Vietnam to continue their educational and humanitarian works.

In 1996, Tim and Vanessa Ekno founded American Educational Development as a tool for working in Vietnam. AED is now used to assist in the development of educational and humanitarian programs throughout South Asia. Presently, the Ekno’s (and AED) are working in India, attempting to help people suffering with Leprosy. They work to make them feel accepted, cared for and respected by society.

The Ekno’s believe it important for the world to see compassion expressed in tangible ways to those who are in need.

Visit their website at http://americaned.net